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Successful goal setting is expressed in specific formulations of human desires and needs. To achieve a particular goal, make a list of your desires. This method helps to visualize and prioritize your needs. You can write down your goals in various lists online, because nowadays, social networks have literally become a part of our lives. In addition, users can not only share their desires, but also look through the lists of other users.With the help of the well-known Emoji library, setting your goals can be diversified by a number of some emoticons. For example, on the web you can keep your virtual 📒 diary, where you will ✍ record and report on what has been achieved. With the help of the so-called check-boxes (✔️ ❌), it can be noted without problems what the user has achieved over a certain period, and what has yet to be gained. There are many options for self-expression, the main thing is to understand exactly what you need and how to present it correctly on the web.

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